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Brain Freez from Sticky FX

Brain Freez from Sticky FX

Ever wondered “where do they find all these cool sounds and zips-zaps?” Well… we are happy to present one of the best imaging libraries out there, the one we actually use in our production.

Brain Freez: The all-in-one production tool that has everything you need to give your station’s imaging a unique signature sound. An FX Library containing 290 multi-format compatible imaging FX and Work Parts. Including loads of handy ‘Beat starters’ that help you get that promo on the way fast. ‘Breakers’ that do the job, but do the job in a smooth way. A huge set of spectacular ‘Drones’ in various lengths and energy. ‘Fly Inns’ to soften transitions or to build tension in a subtle way. Really tons of unique ‘Hits’, ‘Impacts’ and ‘Slams’ that help you start or end your piece fast and easy. ‘Risers’ that are awesome if you need some tension instantly. In the category ‘Signals’ you’ll find all the bleeps, buzzers, alarms and communication elements. And by popular demand there’s loads of ‘Sweeps’ going up and down and flying by. And yes, lots of ‘m with long tails!

Listen to the demo and visit Sticky FX official website to buy these and more cool imaging stuff.