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DanceMix USA Jingles

DanceMix USA Jingles

After a year of succesful imaging from Floyd Media, the growing dance and Top40 Internet radio station has decided to take a step forward and go for their first jingle package ever. The sound should blend in with current dance hits from the playlist so Floyd Media came up with fast moving cuts and strong vocals – custom produced to match station’s style. The jingles package consists of 6 custom cuts and additional beatmixes. Jingles are available for re-sing in almost any language.

Ryan Scott DanceMixUSA Radio
Companies with jingles are everywhere, but Floyd Media showed us there is a difference! With our experience in radio, we wanted new, fresh techniques and effects. The Floyd group worked with us to create a sound and vibe we were looking for. Their package price, the approach, and dependable sound quality made and Floyd Media a winning combination!
Cut 01 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 02 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 03 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 04 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 05 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 06 [powerpress url=”″]
Beatmix 01 [powerpress url=”″]

Beatmix 02 [powerpress url=”″]

Beatmix 03 [powerpress url=”″]

Beatmix 04 [powerpress url=”″]

Beatmix 05 [powerpress url=”″]

Beatmix 06 [powerpress url=”″]