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Featured voiceovers

Featured voiceovers

In addition to our branding services, we are happy to introduce our featured voiceover roster.

Our lineup of world-class male and female VO talents consists of proven professionals, each equipped with latest industry standard recording facilities. Available 24/7, with fast turnaround times, the most professional approach, and a wide variety of styles… our voiceover talents will work with you to make sure that your project packs the punch that you’re looking for.

Featured male voices:

Harry Legg
Sean Caldwell
Scott Phillips
Rich Sweetman
Phillip Chryssikos
Erick Abraham
Doug Warner
Paul Deacon

Featured female voices:

Jill Kenton
Rachel McGrath
Callie Phillips
Valerie Anderton
Lara Lenehan

Check out the demos and contact us for more details.