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Reflections Volume I

Reflections Volume I

Reflections is our first set of jingles available through our Jingle Vault service. This is a feel good and uplifting AC package which has been recorded using a wide range of instruments including upbeat piano melodies, acoustic and electric guitars, and infectious percussion arrangements. For a memorable jingle package that not only flows with the sound of your station but creates an unforgettable sound in the minds of your listeners, choose ‘Reflections’.

Jingle Vault Customizing service
Jingle Vault is here to help you customize your own personal jingle package. With us, you don’t have to buy a set package, but rather choose the cuts that best reflect the sound of your station and budget. Each jingle cut is available in 3 versions (main, ramp, and shotgun). This will help the jingles flow within your playlist depending on the situation.

4 easy steps to your new customized jingle package:

1. Simply listen through the cuts available in the relevant format.

2. Pick the cuts you like.

3. Choose your sonic logo.

4. We’ll do the rest.

Cut 01 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 02 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 03 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 04 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 05 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 06 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 07 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 08 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 09 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 10 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 11 [powerpress url=”″]

Cut 12 [powerpress url=”″]