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Soundic Radio Sweden

Soundic Radio Sweden

Sweden’s Soundic Radio approached the team at Floyd Media to create their new CHR jingle package, and the idea was to produce cuts that would fit their upfront/upbeat playlist. The current sound of 2013 consists of dubstep and high energy electronic dance music, and in this package we fired up our finest sonic weapons to achieve best possible sound quality and mastering. This massive jingles package contains 82 cuts with multiple mixouts, accapellas, alternative versions and unique sonic logo. Then the sound branding was expanded further with Floyd Media’s trademark ‘SingShots’ and additional chart show cuts.

John Claesson Head of Production, Soundic Radio
Wow, the sound and the punch of the package is so much better than we ever could believe! The first days we just wanted to play all the jingles instead of the songs. A huge thanks to Floyd Media team and we’ll be back in the future for more sound!